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Friday, 31 October 2008

You like free flash games?

Of course you do. Everyone loves a free flash game, they're absurdly addictive. So, in honor of these free little miracles, here are some places reviewing and listing the best.

Five free games to kill five hours.
A directory of free games including an MMO and a bartender sim! Some of my very favorites.

More Free games.
Another directory, focusing a lot on armor games. Includes warfare 1917, a very interesting RTS set in the first world war.

If you enjoy free browser and flash games and you've never visited Kongregate, do so now. This site isn't only a huge repository of the best games on the internet, it's also a community featuring chat rooms and achievements!

Do you want to make your own video game?
Sploder is a web tool that will let you make your own very basic games. Why not try it out and post your game here so other people can try it out?

How about making your own JRPG?
Have you ever looked at Final fantasy or Lost Odyssey and thought "I could do better than that?" Well put your money where your mouth is- this is a powerful tool for making your own sprite based RPGs.

Got any other websites you want to share that offer free flash games? Leave a comment!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

So, here we go. The Blog Of Many Things.

What is the blog of many things? Well, the answer to that is simple. I couldn't decide what to make a blog about, so I decided to do it for everything! Every three days I'm going to put together a list of websites, blogs, articles and videos pertaining to a topic of my choice (Or your choice if you e-mail me suggestions). It's sort of like research and share.

Through this I hope to improve my own knowledge base and also create an interesting read for other people. So, here we go then. The blog of many things starts now, my first topic shall be....

Oh smeg, I forgot to choose a topic... Hmmm. How about beards? Yes that'll do. Time to get writing!

-Evis T