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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Evis T Reviews Ghostbusters The Videogame

One of the most important aspects of a videogame is frequently the most neglected- the fun factor. It exists independently of graphics, game mechanics, game play, story, characters and sound, but it intrinsically linked to all three. Often games can rate very high on all of the above, but still just lack that little spark that makes them fun. That something that turns a solid game into a masterpiece.

Ghostbusters didn’t quite have it, but by Miyamoto’s sacred arse it came closer than most.

Read the whole review here.

Dark Matter- The Universe's Duct Tape.

This article takes a look at the principles behind dark matter, an interesting and cutting edge area of astronomy. In laymans terms, it's all explained from the ground up and will leave you with a basic understanding of how the theory works, as well as its alternatives.

So, check out dark matter!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Shot in the head by a particle accelerator.

It’s surprising what people are capable of surviving. This little article is dedicated to three people who survived some truly amazing circumstances, from jumping out of a five story window (Twice), to being shot in the head with a particle accelerator beam, and more importantly- how they survived.

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Tell that to Roy Sullivan, who was struck a total of Seven Times In his life.

He was struck in 1942, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1976 and 1977. Supposedly, he developed a case of paranoia after the third time and became convinced a higher power was out to get him. Mind you, considering the odds of being struck by lightning ONCE in 80 years are 576,000 to one, and the odds of being struck by lightning seven times are 10^25 to one, can you blame him?

Strangely it was not the lightning that killed him. He killed himself over unrequited love.
The Facts

I’m afraid I’ve mislead you somewhat here, as the odds of surviving a lightning strike are actually not all that bad. A bolt of lightning is a truly phenomenal piece of nature, a bolt lasts only a split second, but is hotter than the surface of the sun. Individual bolts are also not that large, in effect being struck by lightning is in many respects like being shot- with the added bonus that the wound is instantly cauterized.

Reports of people surviving lightning strikes abound, the most common injury is usually a burn, which while very painful and debilitating, is not usually fatal. Those who have had a direct strike land on their bodies often have holes or other full blown wounds to show for it, and if the strike passes through a vital organ, it will of course destroy it. The point is that being struck by lightening is not like being electrocuted per se (Although I wouldn’t handle electronics without a wriest strap immediately after a strike), it’s more like being shot with a high energy beam that burns through your body rather than relying on the kinetic energy of a bullet. Speaking of which…

Here's your linkey to the rest of the piece.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A moment of introspection.

I think that I managed to break out of my low ebb over the past couple of days. It’s strange the way my psyche tends to work, many of my friends have expressed concern that I may be a manic depressive, and sometime I find myself wondering if they’re right.

I tend to go through phases of general happiness and contentedness, and then through periods of total moroseness and lethargy. This is of course a common element of the human condition. However, I have never been able to quantify the reasons behind these swings. Those who go through periods of joy and sadness can usually link specific events to the start or end of a period of a set disposition. For example, a promotion leading to a period of happiness and general wellbeing, or the death of a loved one leading to a period of angst and sadness.

Of course, I have my outlook set by external events within the process of my life, I laugh when entertained, and am angered when mistreated, so naturally if events over which I have no control conspire against me and my wishes, I have a tendency towards frustration. Likewise, when things are going my way, happiness abounds.

The problem I have is that often times I can observe upon my outlook, an effect without a cause. Why, when nothing in particular has happened of late to cause me concern, do I find myself anxious and fretting? Or when nothing has happened to cause it, do I find myself lethargic, apathetic and depressive? One could say that without proper stimulation, the human mind’s tendency is to move towards a discontented state. In short, without anything new, or interesting in our lives, even negative events, we naturally drift towards the dark end of the mental spectrum.

This effect is often seen in many higher animals, we are frequently told how dogs must be kept amused and busy, and a bored parrot is a recipe for a ruined home. Why then is it, that if these fallow periods continue I can find myself drifting beyond the bounds of my dark introspection, and into the light of happiness and all other things Walt Disney? Again, without any cause, the event transpires anyway. I eventually rise from dark ashes and walk again amongst the sunlight, my disposition much improved, my life more full, and my day more active.

I have pondered this problem considerably, especially today as I seem to have once again come out of the low ebb of the cycle, despite continuing tensions at work and a precarious financial situation. Based upon all available evidence available to me at this time, I can come up with only one conclusion as to why my cyclic moods continue to rule my life, despite my best efforts.

I need to get laid. Badly.